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Derek MacDonald

Email: info@boomgoesthedrum.com

I am the President and an Event Producer at Boom Goes The Drum. I spend a lot of time asking “what if”, which is then followed by “how?”  I am a technical dreamer.   I love to visualize creative concepts and then work with budgets, spreadsheets, sketches, and plans to make the vision come to life (which is a fancy way of saying that I am a sucker for a cool idea and figuring out how to pull it off).  My role at Boom Goes The Drum is to provide creative direction, Event Production Strategies, provide leadership for our team and contribute to our industry.

For a full bio please check out my LinkedIn profile.

What resonates with me?


Daily Routine

  • Articulating creative ideas 50%
  • Determing client needs 25%
  • Scripting and content writing 15%
  • Listening to Fleetwood Mac 10%

Sommer Smith

Email: sommer@boomgoesthedrum.com

I am the Director of Operations at Boom Goes The Drum. I am a graduate of the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Communication. My past work is full of sales, marketing, PR, and I have been known to carry a tray full of sangria. I thrive on connecting with people through sharing ideas and experiences.  My role at Boom Goes The Drum is to ensure our future and present clients are inspired, informed, and impressed through the experiences and content we create in our sales process and our company values.

For a full bio please check out my LinkedIn profile.

What resonates with me?

A laugh that makes you cry

Daily Routine

  • Engaging on Social Media 35%
  • Content Development 25%
  • Talking with Clients 20%
  • Buying vintage on Etsy (on my break…of course) 5%

Jessica Broz

Email: jbroz@boomgoesthedrum.com

I am an Event Specialist at Boom Goes the Drum.  I’ve spent 17 years in the hospitality industry in a variety of roles. On top of my formal education at Bow Valley College with an Events Management Diploma I’ve also had the opportunity be involved with some of the largest festivals in Western Canada, including Chasing Summer, XFest and Wanderlust 108. My favorite word in our industry is activation.  It is my goal to ensure that every part of an event activation is smooth and seamless. My role at Boom Goes The Drum is to be an integral part our event production team and leading our clients and projects to successful activations.

For a full bio please check out my LinkedIn profile.

What resonates with me?

A perfectly steeped cup of tea

Daily Routine

  • Organization (On All Fronts!) 35%
  • Logistics 35%
  • Providing Positive Solutions 20%
  • Planning my next trip 10%

Jessica Tkachuk

Email: jessica@boomgoesthedrum.com

I am an Event & Marketing Specialist at Boom Goes the Drum. My experience in the non-profit, publishing, and fashion industry has provided me with a passion for impactful, inspired events, and the know-how to make it happen. I am currently studying Event Management and Communications at Mount Royal University. I’m tenacious with a project or deadline, pride myself on being a cool head in a crisis, an avid follower of Calgary’s music and art scene, and I may have a weakness for Italian pasta. My role at Boom Goes the Drum is to contribute and support our event production team with my creativity, PR savvy and logistical aptitude.

For a full bio please check out my LinkedIn profile.

What resonates with me?

Connecting people to their passion

Daily Routine

  • Building event production plans 40%
  • Logistical communication with Clients and Event Partners 35%
  • Finding creative ways to meet event objectives 15%
  • Checking out Calgary’s art and music scene with a glass of Pinot in hand 10%

Alison Dumenko

Email: alison@boomgoesthedrum.com

I am the Manager of Production Services at Boom Goes The Drum. I am a Certified Special Event Professional (CSEP) with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Prior to graduating from the Event Management program at Mount Royal University, I gained a full appreciation for logistics and critical thinking while working for two of North America’s largest Airlines. I love a good checklist, being efficient with my time, and red wine. My role at Boom Goes The Drum is to guide the production team through all phases of the event with a focus on good process and collaboration.

    What resonates with me?

    When a plan comes together

    Daily Routine

    • Event Production 50%
    • Operations 35%
    • Heath & Safety 10%
    • Poppin’ (wine) bottles 5%
    ISES International member
    Martha Stewart Weddings
    Canadian Special Events Star Awards
    ISES 2013 Award Recipient

    Recent Blog Posts

    Ideas, Insights, and Events from our team.

    Event in Review: Next Big Thing

    Next Big Thing is the brainchild of Kait Kucy and Mike Morrison, two journalists who understand the value of online business and the business of being online. They created a one-day conference to educate and celebrate professionals who use social media and the internet to promote themselves/their work, and make money. As fans of their work and vision, Boom Goes the Drum was honoured to sponsor this event and provide production services. It was another fabulous year of learning and inspirations – cue the highlights! 1. ‘Call to Action’ is dead. Long live ‘Invite to Collaborate’. Something we heard time and time again from the panelists and speakers who generate income as social influencers is that their relationships with brands are more successful when the brand approaches them with a collaborative spirit. Working with an influencer means understanding who they are as a person, and what about their voice resonates with their audience, and then presenting them with a win-win-win opportunity thats more than just ‘tell your fans to buy our product’. If you want to get the attention of an influencer identify for them the link between them, their audience, and your story/product, pitch a few ideas, be up front about budget, and work with them to find the best fit. They know their audience, and they’re there to serve them, so trust them.   Inspiration then instruction from @ladydubbs and @darling. Her first tip: start with a mission statement or manifesto. A post shared by NEXT BIG THING (@nextbigthingca) on Oct 14, 2017 at 11:47am PDT   2. Stay in your lane. What makes you different makes...

    Boom Does Thanksgiving: Our Favourite Recipes

    It’s Thanksgiving and that means people all over Canada are trying on their #eventprof hats for a day and organizing invites, table settings, and – most importantly – menus. While we can’t pop into your living room to help you tablescape (though believe us, we’d love to) the Boom team has put together our favourite crowd-pleasing recipes to make sure your dinner is one to remember!   Derek MacDonald: Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Apple This creative take on Brussel sprouts will appease even the pickiest of eaters. BOOM TIP: Using an apple-wood smoked bacon will play off the Granny Smiths beautifully.   Alison Dumenko: Whiskey Glazed Carrots Easy to make, full of flavour, and they’ll provide a beautiful pop of colour for your Thanksgiving table. BOOM TIP: Make sure you let your butter brown before you add the brown sugar.   Jessica Tkachuk: Beer-Brined Roast Duck A flavour-packed alternative to turkey that tastes as good as it looks. BOOM TIP: Make sure to roast this “low and slow”. Duck is a fatty meat, and this will make sure you cook off some of that grease, without losing moisture.   Sommer Smith: Hot Spinach Dip Rich and creamy and so delicious, this is a great dip to get your Thanksgiving evening started. BOOM TIP: We recommend serving this dip with a fresh baguette. The hot cheese on a crusty bread is a perfect pair.   Jessica Broz: Apple Turnovers Who needs pie when you’ve got these delicate, flaky turnovers? BOOM TIP: Change the granulated sugar to brown sugar, and add 1 tsp of vanilla and a tbsp of...

    #BoomGoesOut: Calgary Stampede reveals new Big Four Roadhouse

    Last night, Calgary Stampede welcomed over 1,000 people to the new and improved Big Four Roadhouse, recently updated to provide Calgary producers with a new option for live performances. It now features 60,000 sq. ft., a permanent stage, built-in bars, capacity for up to 4,000 people and a state of the art in-house sound and lighting system. As producers, and fans of live music, we were thrilled to get in there and scope out the place.   So, @mikesbloggity needed to take the photo, as I am incapable of taking selfies. #TB4Roadhouse #eventprofs #venueexploration A post shared by Jessica Broz (@missjbroz) on Oct 5, 2017 at 9:16pm PDT First impressions: very good. The team at Calgary Stampede lit up the building like never before, and a stellar crew of professionals welcomed guests on the red carpet. We were warmly greeted by friendly faces and the smell of mesquite bbq as we walked the carpet. We proceeded into the (giant!) room to find food stations and bars, before eventually enjoying a concert on the big stage. Congratulations to Stampede on the new space! What a way to show it off… Thanks for inviting us to take part! The Big Four Roadhouse aims to increase the number of performers that come to Calgary on their tours by adding a fresh space for Calgary’s growing music scene. The space features 60,000 sq. ft., a permanent stage, built-in bars, capacity for up to 4,000 people and a state of the art in-house sound and lighting system. #TB4Roadhouse A post shared by Calgary Stampede (@calgarystampede) on Oct 5, 2017 at 8:12pm PDT Thank you...

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