10 Reasons you NEED to be at LOOK2015

10 Reasons you NEED to be at LOOK2015


November 7 marks the return of Contemporary Calgary‘s much anticipated annual fundraiser, LOOK. A hub for culture changers, style savantes, and creative aficionados, this evening of interactive installations and live art is an event for the art of our time. Here’s why you can’t afford to miss out:

1) The art!


Contemporary Calgary is one of Canada’s leading galleries for modern and contemporary art, bringing a range of house-hold and in-the-know names to Calgary. Inspiration and wonder will dress the walls of this event. Come with eyes (and imagination) wide open.

2) The building!


Contemporary Calgary is moving into the previously uninhabited Centennial Planetarium. An expansive mass of stunning, modern architecture, this venue is going to be the perfect host for the poignant art “C” is known for curating. You won’t want to miss witnessing this raw work in progress.

3) The fashion!

Model Ania Boniecko and photographer Tyler Stalman

Model Ania Boniecko and photographer Tyler Stalman

This is an art party; no time for fashion wallflowers. Rather than bringing out your LBD standby, take a page out of Mr. Marc Jacob’s book and remember that fringe (as seen on the lovely Ania, above), lamé, and sequins are always a good idea.

4) The auction!


Featuring both a silent and live art and experience auction, this rousing experience was a definite highlight from last year. Once-in-a-lifetime trips and jaw-dropping works of art will be up for grabs, hosted by the charismatic auctioneer, Stephen Ranger.

5) The Gopnik!


No, Adam Gopnik is not a verb, but as one of the most prolific cultural writers of our time  he may as well be. VIP ticket holders of LOOK2015 will be treated to cocktails, canapés, and a special presentation by the New Yorker staff writer.

6) The Food!


Hotel Arts is a reverent name in the food and event world. Unafraid to think outside the ramequin, Hotel Arts takes everything you think you knew about event catering, and throws it out the window. Palate-cleansers on the ready!

7) The Installations!


The artists curated for this event have put together installations that will make you stop and stare- and keep staring. Engaging, thought-provoking, and interactive, prepare to look at modern art in a whole new light.

8) The Music!


Humans are a Canadian, indie electronic pop duo. Their visual presentation uses live audio input from their shows, allowing for improvisation in both their visual and audio performances. We hope you brought your dancing shoes, Calgary.

9) Dan Levy!


Artistic giants stand toe-to-toe with live TV stars at this year’s LOOK, and Canadian media darling Dan Levy is more than up to the challenge. Bringing every ounce of his signature wit and verve, Mr. Levy is sure to entertain as one of LOOK2015’s hosts.

10) The People!


You’re only as good as the art on your walls and the company you keep- and we aim to please. The food, talent, and creativity of LOOK are matched only by the crowds of on-the-pulse party-goer’s this event seems to draw. You’ll know as soon as you walk through the doors- you’ve arrived.


See you there, #yyc!

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