#BoomGoesOut: Six Reasons Why the DJD Annual Black and White Ball Needs to be on Your Calendar

#BoomGoesOut: Six Reasons Why the DJD Annual Black and White Ball Needs to be on Your Calendar

While a Ball may seem reserved for the evil step sisters of the world there is a Ball for those who care more about meeting fundraising goals than meeting a prince. This Ball feels more Gatsby than anything and after
all, the enchantment and allure of ball is to play amongst the champagne and the stars. If you haven’t heard by now, the Decidedly Jazz Danceworks Black and White Ball is a night of entertainment, fashion, art, fundraising, jazz, and – of course – dance. Here are 6 reasons why this year’s event was a smashing success (and why you can’t afford to miss out next year).

Location, Location, Location

What the Fairmont Palliser does very well is reflect the energy desired for a ball; high ceilings, rolling bannisters, and statuesque pillars all showcase the impactful drama of a crowd dressed entirely in black and white. The venue used a few well placed touches of green here and there to nod to the Patty’s day celebration setting the tone for a high-society party devoid of any pretention.












Being that the DJD is held at the Fairmont Palliser downtown, there is an excellent opportunity for hosting guests pre-party in an upstairs suite or at one of the esteemed restaurants in the building. This means the venue is buzzing with anticipation long before doors open. If a venue change is important for you and your guests, the plethora of restaurants and bars in the area provide no shortage of options to get your own pre-party off on the right foot (or glass slipper).


Rubbing Shoulders

Attendees range from established business professionals, young entrepreneurs, the young at heart, client entertainers, socialites, party goers, supporters of the arts, fashionistas, and first timers not knowing what to expect. The point is, this group is diverse, engaged, in touch with Calgary, and ready for a night on the town. It is an excellent place to expose yourself to people who have ideas, who love this city, and who are, quite frankly, down for a good time.


Jazz: the Art of Improvisation

The host for the evening isn’t a person, a committee, or even the distinguished voice of emcee Evan Wilson. Rather, it’s jazz music booming from the well-loved instruments of Penguins on Broadway that plays host as it pulls you from registration to the Crystal Ballroom




If Jazz is the art of improvisation, then partner-dancing at a ball without any formal training is it’s second cousin (once removed). There are couples who know exactly what they are doing, and there are those that… do not. Even if you are dancing with two left feet or perhaps wore the wrong shoes and are forced to take them off (personal note for next year), it simply does not matter because DJD will take those two left feet right to the Big Apple- literally; at exactly 10:05 p.m. guests on the dancefloor were taught the Big Apple.

Fairy Godmother Can Stay Home – You’ve Got This

The unsung hero of the DJD Ball absolutely must be it’s theme: Black and White. Most people have something black in their closet, and everyone and anyone looks great in black or white. The stark shades popped on the well-dressed guest, leaving the crowd looking glam, polished, and dapper. Additionally, fascinators are no longer reserved for the heat of the summer race tracks; the darling and coy accessory was on display in a delightful way – there is something very special about seeing the wearer float around a room in their rarely worn but coveted and unique head piece.


The DJD Black and White Ball is an event you should absolutely be putting on your annual calendar. The Ball may have been a once in a lifetime opportunity for Cinderella, but thankfully you’ll have many opportunities to enjoy this annual gala.

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks next production, MIMIC, will be on from April 19 – May 5, 2018 with a Gala on April 26. In collaboration with Peter Balkwill of the Old Trout Puppet Workshop, MIMIC will join two physical, wordless forms of art performed with a score by the Nick Fraser Ensemble.