Boom and Friends: Oscars Red Carpet Predictions 2016

Boom and Friends: Oscars Red Carpet Predictions 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, people! It’s Oscar season, a precious moment when the Boom team comes together with our friends to celebrate cinema and red carpets on one fabulous evening. This year, we’ll be spread across the city at star-studded viewing parties (Lori will be checking out Theatre Calgary’s Night with the Stars and CIFF is also throwing a cool shindig) and home-grown gatherings, but we’ll all be watching.

While everyone makes their picks for who will take home little gold men, we’ve gathered some guesses on who will win the red carpet. Thanks to all these fashionable folks for participating! Stay tuned to our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook on Oscar Sunday (this Sunday!) to follow along with us, and following the awards to see our top picks for best dressed.

Happy Academy-ing you to all. See you Sunday!



Katrina Olsen

My prediction for best dressed at this year’s Oscar’s number one is Cate Blanchett– love her, love her elegance and grace. She has a je ne sais quoi that no one can compete with. Her nomination for best actress for her role in Carol has been pivotal to her career and I guess the only question is… will she wear an Armani Gown or tailor pant suit. Cate has a long standing relationship with the Armani fashion house as she has been the $10 million dollar face of his the fragrance “Si”. I adore her classic beauty and she never disappoints on the red carpet.

Second runner up to her will of course be Rooney Mara, Cate’s best supporting actress in Carol with something unexpected and darkly romantic.

The unexpected new faces of the red carpet who I am sure will stun everyone is the Danish Girl Alicia Vikander andSaoirse Ronan of Brooklyn. We can expect WOW factors for both these ladies since it is their first Oscar nominations. Katrina Olson-Mottahed

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 7.45.57 PM

Aisling TomeiCate Blanchett (Cate the Great). She will kill it on the red carpet because she always does. Her style is impeccable but never boring. She takes fashion risks every single time and nails it every single time. She manages to pull off glamour, effortlessly, and demonstrates timelessness in the most breath-taking modern way I’ve ever witnessed. You can tell she has a true, deep down appreciation for the art of fashion and doesn’t wear clothes, she wears masterpieces. She, to me, is sublime.

I could have picked any one of the countless designer gowns she’s donned which put her on all the “best dressed lists” after any red carpet event, but to further my point I picked a shot of her in a simple sheath at the “Carol” premier. There are no frills, no embellishments, no elaborate details, just the genius draping that often is Lanvin. But she makes it all shine. She always wears the dress the dress never wears her. – Aisling Tomei,  CTV Morning Live


Lenora-Kingcott-from-Bridal-ExpoThe new IT girl of  couture fashion is mesmerizingly petite ( only 5’3″ ) yet commands the red carpet like an editorial model. Shown here in Givenchy lace, she’s divinely   soft, yet sensually edgy.   A new muse for Channel, Prada, Nina Ricci…it will be interesting to see who she graces with her red carpet charisma on February 28th. – Lenora Kingcott, Bridal Expo




Saorise Ronan:  A bit of a dark horse but as she’s a fairly new face to the major red carpets this is her moment to bring it!  Ronan has chosen soft feminine pieces for the awards circuit so far, excited to see what she puts together Oscar night. – Lori D’Agostino, Boom Goes the Drum

Untitled design (9)


BoomGoesTheDrum_FINAL 006

As I see it awards season is sales season for actors/actresses and Oscar nominees  have the perfect opportunity to showcase their talents in front of all the show biz decision makers.  A major part of the sales pitch?  A killer look on the Oscar Red Carpet.  My prediction is Rachel McAdams as her sales strategy was on point with this look at the Oscar Luncheon. – Sommer Smith, Boom Goes the Drum



Alex headshot

J-Law is my girl (but her Dior contract has been hit or miss this year) and everyone will be after Brie Larson (just give her the Oscar for ROOM already), but I’m always happy to see Naomi Watts on the red carpet. She always looks great – classy, elegant, flattering, and feminine. She hasn’t been in the spotlight with a big splashy role lately, but remains a fixture on the red carpet, and totally understands how to be beautiful but not outshine the nominees. In short, she understands how not to dress for regret in five years. Not sure why she’s been on the circuit again this season (what is she in??) but I always delight to see her understated glam.  – Alex Kingcott,  Shareworthy Content Lab

Naomi Watts


I can only imagine that acting alongside Cate Blanchette takes a certain degree of humble courage and deeply rooted independence; one must look to compliment rather than overwhelm, lest they end up looking painfully strained. With her signature quiet depth Rooney Mara did just that in “Carol”, and is being honoured with a nomination for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. This translates time and again into the tastefully evocative pieces she is seen wearing on the red carpet. Her defining and elusive elegance of character and style is what makes Miss Mara my prediction for Best Dressed for the 2016 Oscars. – Jessica Tkachuk, Boom Goes the Drum


Sarah Ward - Sarah Ward Interiors - Calgary interior design

Saoirse’s style is youthful, elegant and natural – reminiscent of my two favourite and consistently best dressed actresses: Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett. She’s been keeping her hair and make up very light and fresh faced, keeping the focus on her beautifully patterned or textured garments in simple silhouettes. I think for her first best leading actress nod, and coming off her gorgeous ensemble from the Baftas, she’s going to be one to watch come Oscar night. – Sarah Ward, Sarah Ward Interiors


Untitled design (10)


Shaun Ford

I have chosen two people, but will defer to my first selection seeing as the ladies usually get chosen for the best dressed. I will however mention who my “Best Dressed Man” will be as it’s only fair…

1- Cate Blanchett: I’ve chosen Cate because she epitomizes pure beauty, class, and style to me. She is timeless, and pushes the boundaries in a subtle yet exquisite way and is always someone in the conversation for best dressed year after year. This may seem like a safe selection, however, this woman could show up in anything and be a contender in the eyes of many. So…Cate will, once again, be a show stopper at the Oscars this year.

2- Tom Hardy: Tom has just the right mix of edge and class. He will most likely be sporting some form of stylish facial hair-do, as part of of his rough dude meets perfectly manicured gentleman vibe. A mix that really works today. I envision that he will be sporting something in the vein of the attached images with a tuxedo twist. Classic yet current, with an edge. – Shaun Ford, Shaun Ford & Co

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A-A-10-PAUL-HARDYComing Soon… – Paul Hardy, Paul Hardy Design