BOOM Goes Out: 3 Things We Loved About The 17th Annual Bill Brooks Benefit

BOOM Goes Out: 3 Things We Loved About The 17th Annual Bill Brooks Benefit

Bill Brooks Benefit for Prostate Cancer
January 30, 2015, Hotel Arts

Bill Brooks knows parties; he may hold the Calgary record for ‘most parties attended in a single lifetime’ as the Scene Columnist for the Calgary Herald (15 years and still at it!). So, it’s no surprise that his annual gala fundraiser is one of the best tickets in town.

There are so many things that make this party great – there are always a great people dressed to the nines and ready to have fun, the room always looks great decked out to an annually changing theme, and there are ALWAYS people on the dance floor to great live music. Here are few of the highlights we were all talking about the next day…


Bill loves a theme, and so do we (when it’s done correctly!). In this case, choosing ‘Rock-a-Billy’ was perfect. Making the theme approachable meant that more than half of the attendees actually dressed up! Denim, leather, big hair, chucks – it all worked. Most of us have an old-school stampede shirt or high school leather bomber in our closets. At the very least, a great pair of jeans and tight white t-shirt could easily be put together for a James Dean tribute – easy!


We were so excited to see the use of the Daana Technologies bidding system at this event. Rather than relying on paper bid sheets placed in front of items, stuck to one side of the room, and only visible to people AT the silent auction table, this system allows for electronic bidding from iPads placed around the room. Guests can scroll through the auction items, get updates on item prices, and place bids from anywhere in the room throughout the night. Best of all, the bids and items scroll through on screens placed around the room and feature ‘new bid’ pop ups to keep the game fun and exciting, and everyone engaged. We used this system on a couple of projects last year and we’re excited to use it again this year – a great new innovation for the event industry.


Bill’s Rockabilly party was packed with themed food that looked good and tasted great. In addition to the regular party fair, he had theme bites like mini burgers and fries, ice cream sundaes, and TV dinner trays with roast beef, mashed potatoes, and veggies. Adorable, theme-appropriate, and delicious.

Congratulations to Bill and his team on a great event – can’t wait to hear how much was raised for the Calgary Health Trust!

On a serious note, according to Prostate Centre Canada, prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among Canadian men. Last year alone, an estimated 23,600 men were diagnosed and 4,000 lost their battle to the disease. Early detection is your greatest weapon – let’s all take care of ourselves and each other.