BOOM Goes Out: Packwood Grand

BOOM Goes Out: Packwood Grand

Twelve hundred of Calgary’s most cultured and fashion forward patrons found themselves donning wide-brimmed, St. Tropez-inspired hats, and cool, airy cravats as they walked the red carpet for the second annual Packwood Grand.

A standardbred racing event produced by Tyler Rygus, Cory Edwards, and BOOM friend, Katy Bond, Packwood has been hailed as a “… celebration of old world leisure and sophistication”. Judging by the well-shod and artfully styled guests and event venue respectively, we’d have to say we’re in agreement. For a second time, Packwood has made what was old new again, and coyly charmed Calgarians into enjoying a day of forgotten pleasures and refinement.


With a shot, the beautifully groomed standardbreds were off, red dust flying in the cool afternoon breeze as guests watched breathlessly, intently following their favourites around the track. Watching the track was delightful, but watching the attendees was perhaps even more so- as event producers, it was a true treat to see a crowd so completely engaged in an event experience. It’s hard to know who stole the show for the day; the horses, or the volumes of paper roses and explosions of brightly coloured feathers that bedecked the crowd at every turn. Packwood famously includes a style competition- complete with awards- and Calgarians did not disappoint.

The second annual Packwood Grand blew through Calgary like a sweet, Southern breeze, nostalgic of a slower, more charmed time. We were enchanted by the attention to maintaining this emotional arc through the event, and impressed with the smooth integration of modern taste with old world style. Packwood truly is establishing itself as a one of a kind event that we look forward to attending in years to come.


Boom Goes the Drum Production Assistant Jessica Tkachuk (right) and guest


Photographer Kelly Hofer and Ellen Parker (Parker Bond PR)


Kim Noseworthy, The Nobles


The lovely ladies of Packwood Grand: Kara Chomistek and Ania Boniecka

Photo 2015-07-02, 2 33 10 AM

Lisa Marks, SHAW Communications