Boom Goes Out: Schmancy 2016

Boom Goes Out: Schmancy 2016

This past weekend the Glenbow Museum celebrated their 50th anniversary and ushered in another year of local and international art and history with their annual event, Schmancy.

As the museum’s largest fundraiser, Schmancy easily pulls in over 800 guests enticed by the opportunity to witness the evening’s evocative programming and catering, and who want to participate in Calgary’s art-world, either through the much-anticipated ART PARK silent auction, or by browsing the Glenbow’s travelling and permanent exhibitions- the largest art collection in Western Canada.






Night of the event, VIP Dinner guests were treated to a highly catered, multi-course meal that left us overwhelmingly impressed. From the gracious wait staff who seemed to anticipate your needs before you realized them yourself, to the inspired concoctions that graced our plates, our hats are tipped to Hotel Art‘s chef, Jan Hansen, who also ensured that general guests enjoyed a range of canapés that didn’t disappoint.




Boom was delighted to spend some of the evening with Calgary couture designer and current Glenbow Artist-in-residence, Paul Hardy, whose Kaleidoscopic Animalia exhibit is on display at the museum. Well known for the way his clothing beautifully uses- and is inspired by- the natural world, Hardy’s exhibit is an unsurprisingly thoughtful examination of the relationship between humanity and animals.  Besides lining the walls and stages of the Glenbow, many of Hardy’s pieces were also seen bedecking Schmancy’s more discerning attendees.

Schmancy encourages attendees to “. . . be as fancy as you want,” and Calgarians embraced this invitation with open arms. Canadian fashion icon and previous host of Fashion Television, Jeanne Beker, flitted through the well-heeled crowd, spotting and interviewing guests whose outfits ranged from chain mail eyewear to peacock-feathered fascinators, and everything in-between.








In past years Schmancy has raised over $2 million dollars in support of the museum, using this to, “. . . [build] bridges between history and the present,” and enriching and inspiring the lives of Calgarians. Boom was pleased and honoured to support this beloved event, and looks forward to doing so for many years.