Boom Goes Out: Sneak Peek of ChefBar’s The Slaughter House

Boom Goes Out: Sneak Peek of ChefBar’s The Slaughter House

You’re only as good as the food you eat and the company you keep, and if last night was any indication, then we are divine.

Under warm lights and the watchful, lychee eyes of a watermelon-skull-turned-punch-bowl, the BOOM team met up with PR mogul Alex Kingcott, stylist Leah Van Loon, and the curator of the evening, blogger, stylist, entrepreneur, and man-about-town, Vincent Law. The purpose of the evening? To taste ChefBar’s Halloween menu, as prepared by their head chef, Shawn Desauliers, for the restaurant’s transformation on Halloween night into The Slaughter House.

 As event designers (and theme addicts) we were delighted by the demonic dishes and creepy concoctions crafted by Chef Desauliers and his staff. We enjoyed “brain fluid” cocktails (refreshing notes of watermelon, lime, and a kick of tequila), lemon quinoa salad (in tiny, jack-o-lantern style oranges) and drool-worthy sriracha pork belly (under a “spider web” of black garlic).





After dinner, and a mountain of gourmet, browned-to-your-taste s’mores (nick named the ‘”s’mores-pocalypse” by Vincent), Chef Desauliers took us downstairs for a tour of the Gerry Thomas Gallery, catered exclusively by ChefBar. Clean lines, simple aesthetic, and a built-in bar make this a welcome addition to Calgary’s list of modern event spaces.





Deciding to retire from his position as the executive chef at the Fairmont, Chef Shawn Desauliers decided to open a restaurant in Calgary’s bustling centre that would reflect the type of cooking he enjoyed making at home; simple dishes, made with quality ingredients, all put together with the chef’s unique style. While the food and hand-crafted cocktails are obviously a focus for ChefBar, the restaurant also plays host to a spacious patio, boasting “the most sun in Calgary”; no small claim in a city where patio’s are bursting at the seams at just the hint of a chinook.

On top of managing one of Calgary’s top dining destinations, Chef Desauliers has been selected to compete in an exclusive gala event on Tuesday November 3, titled the Gold Metal Plate, in support of Canada’s elite athletes who are preparing for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

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