Boom Goes The Drum featured on Martha Stewart Weddings

Boom Goes The Drum featured on Martha Stewart Weddings

We are usually pretty calm at Boom, but this weekend we went a little bananas (air fist punches to be exact). This was the instigator:

Emily and Brett’s Wedding featured on Martha Stewart Weddings !!!

Event in Review:

Ever the gracious dinner party hosts; Emily and Brett wanted their wedding day to possess all the endearing attributes of a homegrown dinner party. Set in an antique store and fashion warehouse we created a relaxed, yet elegant scene full of natural weathered textures, vibrant botanicals, and sleek modern touches. Antique European wooden table tops unadorned except for the table décor of hops, herbs, and foliage all from the couples own garden came together to create a comforting, refined experience. True to the couple’s lifestyle, this dinner party exuded the values of family, intimacy, and the elegance of simplicity.

A huge thanks to Emily & Brett for having a vision and allowing us to be a part of your magical day.

The benefits of collaboration just don’t quit. This wedding was also nominated at the this year’s Canadian Event Industry Star Awards for Best Wedding Creative with Designing on the Edge.

Phil Crozier, you nailed it.






boomdrumdesigningedgebestcreatwedhomegrownwedimage9p_bestcreativewed_dinnerpartywed_image3Photo Credit: Phil Crozier