BOOM: It’s Valentine’s Day

BOOM: It’s Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Boom Goes the Drum has been fascinated by the creativity and detail that happens when people are working for a ‘labour of love’. So, three members from our team shared their favourite engagement stories, and what it was that made them so special. General consensus? It doesn’t matter if you are using a colour-coordinated flash mob, or a series of thoughtful notes, a truly amazing love story is all about the details.


I would just like to preface my pick for best wedding proposal by stating that I am a sucker for all wedding proposals. But this one stood out for me for a few reasons:

First of all, how did they get Home Depot to agree to let them do this in the lumber section? I will admit it is probably the section that gets the least traffic, but I usually can’t get someone at Home Depot to tell me where the light bulbs are.

At the :50 mark you can tell that this goes from amusing to amazing for this guy

How did they get access to the giant “Employees Only” step ladder?!

Note the use of solid colors on the dancers that I assume is their group of friends. It’s all in the details.

You can tell that these guys (and their Family and Friends) just really love each other. And that is, I think, the best reason to do something totally ridiculous and amazing in the middle of a Home Depot.



Sometimes, it’s the little things. Even the most stone-hearted Valentine critic will be holding back the sniffles as you watch the over-whelming emotion in this video. No fireworks or professional dancers here, but lots, I mean lots of love. I worked with Lauren Fine a few years ago, when she had yet to meet her now-husband, Alex Fine. It makes perfect sense to anyone who has ever met Lauren that she would end up with a man as obviously thoughtful as Alex; Lauren has dedicated much of her life to serving the under-served in her community and across the world, and she and Alex currently work together at the San Diego Rescue Mission. Clearly, two people who very much deserve each other.

On September 5th, 2013, Alex proposed to Lauren. Lauren thought she was just taking a walk with Alex along the ocean side, when she suddenly spots a camera man… And everything gets really beautiful, really fast.

Like I said, no special effects were used in the making of this love story- just two very special people, and one amazing love story.



‘8’ had always been my favourite number, but after this experience ‘5’ has held a special place in my heart. Mark was my boyfriend and he was the best guy I had ever met. He was thoughtful, funny, charismatic, generous, and most importantly, imaginative. One Monday morning, at 5am, he woke me with a large envelope with the Number ‘1’ on it. He told me to open it, and said that this would be the first of five. Blurry eyed, I ripped it open to see flight itinerary to San Francisco… For four hours later!

Coffee in hand, we boarded the plane to my favourite city, San Francisco. During the descent into the city, he handed me Number 2: we would be driving a convertible down to a resort in Half Moon Bay! After an amazing meal that night, I was given Number 3: a private wine tour at Robert Mondavi Winery. I was thrilled! Mark and I had met in the restaurant industry and shared a love of food, dining as a hobby, and WINE! Once there, we meandered through the winery until our guide led us into the private Mondavi Wine Library. The library was filled with hundreds of barrels of wine, and a harvest table, set with candles and roses. I was a little taken aback, but our guide briskly pushed on with the wine tasting “as usual”, putting my questions to rest. However, after a few minutes, she claimed she was missing the Cabernet Sauvignon, and, like a magician, slipped away. As I turned around to comment to Mark, there he was, with Number 4 in his hand. As I began to open it, he went down on one knee.

Number 5 was a dinner reservation at an exclusive restaurant in ultra chic Yountville. As we approached the restaurant, the door opened as if they had been expecting us, with a hostess holding a silver tray with two glasses of champagne. I asked, ” How did you know it was us?” and she smiled with the reply, “I could just tell”. During our lunch, Mark told me that years before he had gone on the same tour at the winery, and that when he saw the library he thought ‘That’s where I am going to propose one day’.

So, while ‘8’ may be my favourite number, Number 5 is the one that reminds me every day just how lucky I am.


Sommer and Mark in Yountville