#BoomGoesOut: The Dream Factory

#BoomGoesOut: The Dream Factory

What happens when you mix a lively performance group with one of Calgary’s most unique and well-loved arts buildings, and add a healthy dose of creative imagining? Theatre Junction GRAND‘s Dream Factory event- a fundraiser for their company and venue and fast-becoming of one Calgary’s most looked-forward to events of the year.

The second annual event took place this past Saturday at the Grand, and saw hundreds of well-costumed Calgarian’s in various states of dream-like attire make their way through its bricked halls.



The evening began with a VIP reception which soon transformed into a guest-led exploration of the building. A “Queen of Hearts” entertained with her croquet playing companion before inviting guests to choose between two doors. One led to a large, dark room, with five beds in the centre, lit from above with spotlights; the other to a small room with four chairs and little else. In the room with the beds, guests were invited to lie down and put on a pair of headphones, where each was treated to a different auditory experience. In the room with the chairs, it was a visual one, where guests wore a virtual reality headset and toured a mystical fantasy world.

In the main theatre, a “massage bed” of pulsing, neon lights continually scrolled, mesmerizing watchers, while a nearby platform displayed a book opening and closing, seemingly of its own accord.



Throughout the evening performance artists roamed the building, performing arial acrobatics and impressive gymnastics, enticing party-goers onto the dance floor. As the night drew to a close, guests enjoyed their last few nibbles and cocktails (courtesy of the very talented Workshop), and then made their way home, undoubtedly to dream further about their recently experienced night of dreams.

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