Event in Review: Savanna Bazaar Ground Breaking & Community Event

Event in Review: Savanna Bazaar Ground Breaking & Community Event


Vibrant [vahy-bruh nt]

  1. Moving to and fro rapidly; vibrating.
  2. Pulsating with vigor and energy: the vibrant life of a large city.
  3. Vigorous; energetic, vital: a vibrant personality.
  4. Exciting; stimulating; lively: vibrant colours; a vibrant performance.

Vibrant is the word being used to describe the up-coming, open-air, market-style retail centre, Savanna Bazaar, which is being built in one of Calgary’s new North East communities, Saddle Ridge, Savanna. Boom Goes the Drum was onsite on June 17, 2018, to produce Savanna Bazaar’s Ground Breaking and Community Event in partnership with Daughter Collective, which acted as an introduction for Royop Development Corporation to the Savanna community, and also afforded the opportunity to discuss the unique space. The 92,000-square-foot project is modelled after traditional bazaars in South East Asia and the Middle East, with an exciting opportunity for businesses to own their own retail space instead of leasing it.

Community members were hosted with a day of free family fun and entertainment at the Savanna Bazaar construction site. To kick-off the event, Royop Development Corporation executives; ward 5 Councillor, George Chahal; and future Savanna Bazaar business owners broke ground with golden shovels and articulated the importance of having a gathering spot that brings together the vibrancy of a multicultural community and shopping destination for all of Calgary. Savanna branded drawstring backpacks were passed out and filled with balloons, snacks, and swag. Guests were treated to lunch from one of the largest food trucks in North America, Kurry Up, serving the most delicious butter chicken (truth be told, we’re still pining after it). Understanding that this space would be a family-focused, community venue meant our team focused on embracing an audience of all ages. Bags of mini donuts – a treat adults and kids alike have trouble passing up- were passed out to guests, wafting their official, scent-of-summer aroma over the gathered crowd. Knowing what those doughnuts do to kid’s energy levels, we had not one, but two bouncy castles from Carnivals for Kids at Heart on-site, providing a great place for kids to bounce their little hearts out and burn off the extra sugar before being returned to the grateful care of their parents.  Afterwards, little ones waited eagerly for face painting and henna painting.


Creating an atmosphere that would spark excitement and imagination about the future market, while showcasing it’s unique, bazaar-influence, was key for this showcase. To help guests imagine what the space would look like, Royop Development Corporation’s tent showcased stunning renderings of the completed Savanna Bazaar market. Host Rajesh Angral of Sabrang (Radio and TV) Enterprises Ltd., provided high energy music and live interviews broadcasted across local Calgary radio. Stage entertainment featured a variety of Middle Eastern, South East Asian, and Western performers, including a young saxophone player, a children’s trio band singing pop covers, and Desi Beats performing traditional and hip-hop-inspired Bollywood dance ensembles.

A crowd of over 850 community members came to enjoy the Savanna Bazaar Ground Breaking and Community Event, and multiple major local news channels covered the event. Construction has officially started, and developers expect it will be completed by Summer 2019.

All event photos were photographed by the talented Mike Hopkins. Check out his portfolio showcase at his website www.mikehopkinsphotography.com


CTV News Coverage

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