#EventInReview: The Rannelli & Dumenko Wedding

#EventInReview: The Rannelli & Dumenko Wedding

If there was one word to describe what Alison Dumenko (formerly Alison Rannelli) wanted her wedding to look like, it was “Sparkle”. This bride is a long time-Boom friend (and an event-industry native) and so her affection for all things bling was well-known to us. Her then-fiance, Mike Dumenko, preferred earthy colours and woodsy textures (though most of all, he seemed to prefer a happy Alison). Our goal became the seamless merge of these two themes, so as to honour both sides of this couples’ vision: sparkle meets cedar, bling meets backwoods. Our inspiration was the couple themselves- if they could bring these two worlds together with such harmony, we reasoned, so could we.


*All photos by Alan Maudie Photography




The wedding venue clearly met the groom’s wishes- Silvertip Resort is a gorgeous, spacious retreat, nestled in the Rockies, overlooking Canmore. With its soaring wood ceilings, stone fireplace, and warm, comforting colour scheme, we had the perfect backdrop to create an upscale, naturally inspired wedding.

To bring in Alison’s vision, Designing on the Edge created a mesmerizing decor plan. Wood textured centrepieces dripped with crystals, set on rose and silver hued tables; metallic lanterns glowed warmly along runners; and clean, white florals stood elegantly against heavily textured, sparkling linens.

To keep guests warm and dry in case of inclement weather, we decided to host the ceremony and reception inside, in the Pavillion Room. This meant a space-flip part way through the day, which would take place while guests enjoyed cocktails and breath-taking vistas of the resort. Through a flurry of hard work and creativity, the transformation of the space was a stunning success- the room went from cozy, warmly lit, fireplace-focused ceremony, to sparkling, luxurious reception.






Come the day, loved ones filled Silvertip’s spacious halls with laughter and happy chatter. The ceremony flowed into the reception, and then into dinner with the kind of happy familiarity and warmth you see with especially close families. As guests settled into the regular flow of the evening they were surprised when (the incomparable) DJ Fayyaz of Pez Productions asked everyone to step outside for a group photo. Bewildered, guests were handed blankets and led onto the green. As they formed a small group and prepared for their picture, lights suddenly shot into the sky, illuminating the mountains above, and Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” boomed from hidden speakers. Delighted gasps and cheers broke out from the crowd as Alison and Mike wrapped their arms around one another and watched the night sky will with fireworks.







This wedding was equal parts a celebration for a dear friend, and the chance to collaborate with a dream client. The result? A wedding that friends, family, and the whole Boom team won’t soon forget. Guests went home with the light of the fireworks still dazzling their eyes, and – perhaps- a little bit of this couples’ “sparkle” in their hearts.