Finding Your Wedding Style

Finding Your Wedding Style

This weekend I was invited by Ette to be part of the Inbal Dror Couture 2015 Brunch & Fashion Show. We were talking wedding style and I wanted to put pen to paper on how we at Boom Goes The Drum approach a couple’s wedding style and building it into the vision of what their special day will look and feel like.


When I say ‘style’ I don’t mean your personal style, although it is an important influence.  The style that I am talking about is all of the decisions you make in your planning process and how they will translate into the more subtle aesthetics of your wedding.   Call it your aesthetic, your design, or vibe, however you describe it is, it is all the little details that create the memories of your wedding for you and your guests. The things that resonate long after your wedding.

I am going to give you a snapshot of some of the steps we use in our creative process.  Our design team develops a quite a few documents and the reason is to get all of the information out of your head and into documents that then drive the process.  We compile a:

• Design Brief

• Story Board of the design

• Mock ups and sketches and samples

• Style guide (for your Bridal Party/Guests)

• Floor plans, logistics docs, production schedule, etc

The most important starting point is the Design Brief and it usually is only a sentence, maybe two, and it speaks directly to what we are trying to achieve from a design standpoint. It is basically a manifesto, or mission statement such as “French Laundry on the Bow River, “Old World Upscale”, and “Monochromatic Mixed Metals”.

I want to talk about three factors that our team finds to be the most important in arriving at the Design Brief.

1) The Storyline – Who are you as a couple?

The best way a wedding can be summed up is in this statement:

“ A Wedding is the first public affirmation of your intention to start a life together.

This is our guiding principle when collecting information as we want to know about your life together.  The first thing that we do with a couple is sit down for an hour and a half, preferably in their home, to extract as much information as possible about who they are.  The questions include:

• What do they do for a living?

• What are their mutual and individual interests?

• Where do they like to travel?

• What kinds of experiences do they seek in life?

• Do they love to entertain? Dine out? Upscale? Approachable?

• What are their families like?

This is my favourite question;  What style of wedding day will make you feel most at home?  This is important because it is the WHY question. The goal is to make your day a reflection of who you are going to be together. We are building an experiential representation of who you are as a couple.

 2) The Stage – Selecting a Venue

I always recommend getting some consultation with a planner when looking at venues even if you are planning your wedding yourself.   An objective opinion about a space can be incredibly valuable from someone who can see all possibilities and obstacles with a space.

The venue is an important factor in developing your wedding style because it will dictate a lot of realities.

If you dream of having strings of Edison bulbs floating over your reception tables, your venue has to have rigging points.  What are some of the natural features that can be played up or used a focal points?  Is there tacky wallpaper that we need to draw attention away from?

All of these things start to build the realities of how you will style your wedding.

3) The Romance –  The Dress

Once we have our Storyline and our Stage our next step is the dress. This is how we delve into the nuance of our design.  We want to know :

• Textures – The textures of a gown will dictate how we light a head table for photographs.

•  Colors – Are we working with bright whites or softer tones? (A brilliant white linen can make an off white gown seem dreary and vice versa, a crisp white gown can make an off white linen look dated)

• Lines/Draping – Can these be replicated anywhere?

• The cut/silhouette – How will the bride look when she first appears?

• Accessories – Can we weave similar shapes textures through the florals, invites/stationary, table designs, lighting, and list is endless.

In subtle ways we like to draw continuity from the dress through many of the details of the day.  It all starts to come together once the dress is in place.

2015 marks a very special year for many couples and we at Boom Goes The Drum wish you all best in creating your own storyline, stage, and most importantly, romance.

Thank you to Ette for hosting this event!  Here are some more photos from yesterday and a sneak peak of the 2015 Inbal Dror Couture Collection.



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Inbal Dror Couture 2015 Trunk Show



Inbal Dror Couture 2015 Trunk Show


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Inbal Dror Couture 2015 Trunk Show



Inbal Dror Couture 2015 Trunk Show



Inbal Dror Couture 2015 Trunk Show