Five Things You Will Forget on Your Wedding Day

Five Things You Will Forget on Your Wedding Day

There is something counter-intuitive about being a bride on her wedding day: it’s a day continually referred to as one of the most important days of her life and words like ‘magical’ get thrown around very frequently, and yet, for most brides it is one of the busiest organizational challenges they’ll ever be faced with. With all the vendors to manage and personal milestones to achieve, it’s easy for a few things to fall through the cracks.

We love weddings, because taking care of those details is our jam. But with a little pre-planning, it’s totally possible to conquer that mega-day with serenity and enjoy the moments. Here are five things that many brides forget on their wedding day:


1. Please eat something

And not just at the reception. Please remember to eat throughout the day, even if that means little snacks throughout if you have a nervous stomach, and especially if champagne will be involved. If you’re nervous and avoiding food, it can be easy to forget that the people around you need to eat as well – wedding parties, vendors, people taking care of set-up, etc. In advance, think about how you can take care of the friends and family helping to set up your wedding  We also suggest appointing a bridesmaid or friend to make sure you take some time to eat throughout the day as well. It will make a huge difference later in the day/evening when you’ll want to have full energy.


2. Bring cash


Without fail, someone will need to run out to problem solve on the big day. For example: to replace a pair of pantyhose or get more hairspray (we’re speaking from experience here). You will probably also need cash for vendor gratuities or other costs. In general, cash is handy to have around. Pick someone you know to be organized, and task them with holding onto the cash (this is also a great way to give a family member a ‘job’ and make them feel special and important on your big day).


Boom Goes the Drum - bridesmaids robes

3. Buttoned shirt or robe

There is nothing worse than spending time and money perfecting hair and make-up only to have it ruined when you get changed out of your clothes and into your dress. Instead, pack a button-up shirt or a robe to wear during the beautification process. We love the idea of a group order for brides and bridesmaids, like this one on Etsy.

Bride signing wedding certificate

4. The paperwork


Bring your vendor agreements, receipts, etc. with you on the big day, so your friends and family that may be helping have the details in front of them and won’t need to contact you as often throughout the day. Also: please remember the marriage license and your passport/ID for travelling.


5. Take notes


For many of your vendors, word of mouth and online reviews are how they build their business. While you’re in the midst of the hustle and bustle on your wedding day, remember to take notes and write down the names of the people you’re working with. If someone shows up to help with set-up, you’ll want to write down their names as well, so you can send a thank you note later. If you think you’ll be too busy, appoint someone from your set-up team to track these details for you.


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