Form and Function: Teknion Studio

Form and Function: Teknion Studio

In my work I am fortunate to spend a lot of time thinking about the spaces that people occupy and the way that they are best used. A big part of an Event Producer’s job is to create navigable spaces from the ground up by taking into account elements like light, noise and privacy.  Crafting beautifully functional spaces is what I endeavor to do in all my work, so I recognize this same sensibility in other companies. One of the standouts in form and function is Teknion.

Now, Teknion is not an event furnishings company but they are masters of balancing form and function in their design. One of their motto’s is “no detail is small”. This is a company that understands the details are a big deal, which speaks directly to my Event Producer heart.

That is why I was intrigued when our friends at Teknion invited us in for an exclusive tour of their latest collaboration effort the Teknion Studio with B&B Italia.

Associate, Rene Menendez, played host to our intrigue with a private tour of their beautiful retail space at 940 11th Ave S.W. in Calgary

Rene described the collaboration as an concept born out of the same principles around design and business vision. “Both B&B Italia and Teknion are family owned and operated businesses with strong corporate cultures. They share similar core beliefs around life and work”, explained Menendez.   And it shows in the thoughtfulness of the elegant furnishings from some of the world’s most celebrated designers like Jeffrey Bernett and Antonio Citterio.

What is clear in the designs is the work environment that they are intended for. The way people work is changing. Technology is allowing us to drop in and out of work in a way we never have before. Breaking down the walls of the cubicle and pushing ideas out from closed doors and into communal spaces where the creativity can flow. Open offices and multi use areas are becoming the norm, especially in creative industries like mine, and The Teknion Studio line is designed with this in mind. With more work happening in impromptu meetings and casual environments these pieces are not just designed to look great, but also to encourage communication and collaboration.

I am from a city where a lot of deals get struck over a latte in a paper cup at a coffee shop, so naturally as I look at these pieces I can’t help to think that the only thing missing is an espresso machine, to which Rene quickly offered me an espresso from their machine. Perfection.

This fluidity in our work environments, or ‘where we work’ is seen in the trend of people making their homes more work friendly or making their office more home-like. Teknion is ahead of this trend by introducing a line of furniture that is equally suited to residential design as it is to commercial.

Soft seating and low walls opens the line of communication between coworkers while high backed semi private discussion spaces dampen sound and allow a group of people to discuss ideas in an active environment while minimizing visual distractions.

Adding to the stunning aesthetics  of these pieces is the partnership with New York based textile Designer Suzanne Tick. Suzanne brings a range of sophisticated and refined fabrics to the Teknion Studio line. The upholstery, panels and architectural wall textiles available in the open market.

If you have been following my blog you will know that I am a huge fan of the art of collaboration. I love a well-executed collaboration and Teknion has knocked it out of the park with Teknion Studio. I believe thoughtful aesthetics with essential purpose is at the heart of all great design and both are present in everything that Teknion does.


Tulip Chairs


Photo 2014-06-30, 2 26 32 PM

Hollow Chair

Photo 2014-06-30, 2 26 12 PM

Envita Lounge Series

Photo 2014-06-30, 2 25 16 PM

Fractals Lounge Series

Photo 2014-06-30, 2 24 21 PM

Cosmos Chairs and Table

Photo 2014-06-30, 2 21 53 PM

Hollow Lounge Series

Photo 2014-06-30, 2 17 04 PM

Fractals Lounge Series

Photo 2014-06-30, 2 15 23 PM

Rene Menedez – Teknion Associate

Photo 2014-06-30, 2 28 26 PM

Suzanne Tick Textile Options

Photo 2014-06-30, 2 10 27 PM

Wall of Textile Options