Get to Know: Alena Schock

Get to Know: Alena Schock
We’re thrilled to welcome Alena Schock, B.A., to the Boom team this month! Alena comes from the world of international relations, and brings with her a plethora of experience from both the marketing and business world. In the time it would take most people to start and complete their pilot’s license (which she’s still considering) Alena has already taken the event and communication’s world by storm; she’s co-produced a volunteer-led fashion show benefitting the Heart and Stroke Foundation, accepted a position as board member for ILEA (International Live Event Association), and – in case you forgot- become Boom’s Communications and Special Project Coordinator. If you want to say hi, shoot her an email at, or if you’re a bit on the shy side, you can get to know her better by perusing the interview below.


1) You have an impressive pedigree: a bachelor in business with a double minor in international business and political science. So how did you end up in events and communications? 
I had the opportunity to study international marketing in Hong Kong a few years ago. When I came back I had all this inspiration and wanted somewhere to put all that positive energy. My mom had heard of this fashion show called “The Heart Truth” and recommended I use my positive energy for a good cause by volunteering. Working on that event I remember having a moment where I just stopped and went, “Oh my God, I really love doing this.” I think that was one of the first times I felt really empowered, but I didn’t really have a word for it. The experience inspired me to pursue events, and to keep chasing that feeling of passion and empowerment.


2) If you weren’t an event and communications professional what would you be?
 The CEO of my own entrepreneurial company… or a jet fighter pilot.


2- a) Seriously?
 I did a personality profile a few years ago with the University of Calgary, and it pointed out that I’m the kind of person who has a lot going on in my head at once, and so I like things that force me to focus all my attention on one thing. Being a jet fighter would mean I would always have to be in that moment; when you are flying a plane at that speed, you can’t have a bunch of ideas floating around in your head, you have to be in that moment. It would allow me to turn my brain off and focus all my energy on one task.


3) It’s event day- what goes into your bag?
My own copy of the tech script and show flow (I have to be prepared), comfy shoes to change into (at the last minute), my fanny pack (they’re coming back!), some candy to keep my blood sugar high, and a water bottle.


4) What are you most looking forward to in the next year?
 Working in a team that is my tribe.

5) What’s the best decision you’ve made lately?
 Realizing I wanted to work in this industry. Having that “aha” moment was a huge win for me, personally. It took a lot of soul searching, having some very  honest conversations with myself, a few bottles of wine, and a lot of courage, but eventually I made the decision to take what I was already pursuing with my free time and transform it into a career.