Get to Know: Alison Dumenko

Get to Know: Alison Dumenko

The Boom team is delighted to announce that one of our favourite collaborators has joined our team as Manager of Production Services – Alison Dumenko (CSEP). With over a decade of experience in event production she comes to Boom ready to create great, big things for our clients and to support our team with process development. Read on to get to know Alison, and say hello when you see her at the next Boom event. She has two this week – this lady is already on fire.



1) You’ve been in the event world for longer than a decade. What is it about events that drew you to this field? 

The first word that comes to mind when I think about what I do is ‘orchestration’, because it’s not just one element, it’s the combination of all the instruments working together to make something.  The organization, the planning, the people who bring it all together – ultimately I’m attracted to the process of gathering ideas and people together around a single vision. Even after all these years I still get as excited. I get as invested in the event as the client does, and own a piece of that story.

2) If you weren’t an events professional, what would you be?

Something to do with Emergency Response and Preparedness.

3) What would you say has been your biggest achievement over the last year?

The very big, existential, personal answer to that question is that I made big shifts in my personal life and career in order to more fully commit to my professional passions.

The easy answer: I was a bride this year, and planned a wedding (with Boom’s help actually!). Event planners make horrible bridal clients I’m sure. It’s like asking a chef to come to your dinner party.

4) It’s event-day: you go to pack your bag; what do you put in it? 

Protein bar. Chapstick. Phone charger. And a flat pair of shoes.

5) What are you most looking forward to in the next year?

I’m extremely excited to be working with Boom’s team and clients this year. Simply put, Boom works with the best people in Canada. I’m honoured to support this team, and to be inspired by them.