Get to Know: Jessica Broz

Get to Know: Jessica Broz

The Boom team is thrilled to announce the newest addition to our team! Jessica Broz recently joined Boom Goes the Drum as a production coordinator; with her unparalleled organizational skills and extensive experience in the hospitality sector, she will enhance our client experience and continue to ensure smooth, seamless production and successful activations. In between dashing to client meetings (like Alberta Ballet, for one of their upcoming front of house experiences- stay tuned, everyone), and steeping her umpteenth cup of tea, we caught up with Jessica to ask her a couple of questions. Read on to get to know Boom’s newest team member- and get a mind-blowing tip on extending the life of your feet on event day!


1) You’ve been in the event world- both academically and occupationally- for eight years. What is it about production that drew you to this field?

When selecting a career path, I wanted a position that challenged me, changed every day, and allowed me to be creative. Event production is all of those and then some! I love turning obstacles into opportunities, asking ‘what if’, problem solving, and that rush you get when your plan unfolds seamlessly.


2) If you weren’t an event coordinator, what would you be?

Well that depends if I had to earn a living – if I couldn’t be a working artist, I would be an interior designer. If money wasn’t a concern, I’d be a full time student learning languages, art, and history.


3) What would you say has been your biggest achievement over the last year?

Serving as the VP of Education and Programs for the ILEA Calgary Chapter. Working with a team and developing programs that had some of the highest attendance in the history of ILEA Calgary- it was a great year and I am so proud of what we accomplished.


4) It’s event-day: you go to pack your bag; what do you put in it? 

Certainly the essentials, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, change of clothes, three pairs of shoes with different heel height (insider tip: to keep your feet from getting tired you should change the height of your shoes every couple of hours – totally helps), granola bars, protein shakes, touch up make-up, and hair spray. Some random things I always have for event day are gummy candies (little green frogs, marshmallow banana’s and coke bottles), tic tac’s, and I never leave home without my Swiss army knife.


5) What are you most looking forward to in 2017?

I think that because 2016 was a more difficult time for a lot of businesses in Calgary, it has really given people the chance to reinvent the way they’ve always done events. By having to work inside the box you’re forced to think outside the box. I’m also just looking forward to what the new year has to bring; I feel blessed to be where I am, doing what I love.