How to do Bridal Expo like a Wedding Planner

How to do Bridal Expo like a Wedding Planner

Every September the Calgary Bridal Expo provides an opportunity for Brides-to-be to take in all the best that the wedding industry has to offer. Over 150 of Alberta’s leading wedding industry professionals descend on the BMO center for one afternoon. This is like a dream scenario for anyone that has just undertaken the task of planning a wedding. Having all that the province has to offer under one roof is a great opportunity to not only see what is out there but also it’s a chance to meet the people who will be responsible for helping you make your dream wedding a reality. I like to think of it as speed dating your suppliers.

There are a couple of ways to do the show. The first being to simply take it all in and feel inspired by immersing yourself in all the beautiful possibilities. But if you are Type-A, like me, you probably have a very specific list of what you need to accomplish in those few short hours (and believe me, you can get A LOT accomplished). So it is to you, the task oriented go-get-‘em types like me, that I present my tips on how to do Bridal Expo like a wedding planner:

  1. Game plan

    Having a game plan makes all the difference. I like to call it planning to plan. I suggest determining your objectives for the day, ie., Getting options for invites, taste the dessert samples to narrow down your choices or even meet the planners the you have been snooping on the internet. Whatever your list is, come prepared to knock things off of it with laser precision.

  2. Do some homework

    Snooping a planner or service on the internet before hand will help you when you actually have face time with the people behind the service or product. That way you can ask the questions that will likely determine if they are worthy of your shortlist

  3. Use tools

    I am an Evernote guy when it comes to being effective at remembering stuff, when there is an overwhelming volume of things to remember. But whether it is taking photos, voice memos or even handwritten notes, it is incredibly helpful to spend some time logging your thoughts as you go. Believe me, a combination of notes and photos will be your best friend when you want to remember which of the 20 macaroon flavors matched your décor best.

  4. Connect and Follow up

    Spending time with the people who are there to make your dream day come true is hard to do outside of an event like Bridal Expo. That’s what makes the day so unique. You can spend a bit of time asking questions and seeing if the vibe of the supplier or product feels right for your day. If it feels right it is a good idea to look at next steps with them. The reality is that there are only so many weekends in the wedding season and many suppliers will fill up their openings early in the year. So it is good to know that they have your date available and what the process is for moving forward with their service or product. That way you wont be left settling for your second or third choice.

The Calgary Bridal Expo is Sunday September 13 from 10am – 5pm. Fashion shows are at noon and 3pm (hosted by yours truly), and the gown sale runs all day.

Check out this fashionable segment from Breakfast Television with gorgeous Jill Belland previewing some of the dressed available in the 2015 gown sale!

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 10.07.04 AM

Hope to see you at the Bridal Expo!