How to Host A Brunch

How to Host A Brunch

Photo Credit: Phil Crozier

Brunch is the official meal of Easter and gay men. So it is no wonder that this meal is typically filled with things like interestingly prepared eggs and sweater vests. But more importantly, brunch is an opportunity to eat breakfast in a fancy way. And we all know how much I like fancy. Being a brunch host is a really easy way to impress your guests with the finer things in life without going to too much trouble. It comes down to accessibility. Unlike other traditions, brunch is meant to be inclusive, in just the same way that it has managed to take two words to create one, it has also managed to take two styles and make them one. It’s a casual lunch but fancy breakfast… oh the irony. With Mother’s day and Easter both quickly approaching I felt that it was the perfect time to lay out some simple rules around how to host a successful brunch. Grazing is an important part of brunch, it should always be taken at a leisurely pace. A successful brunch should last a minimum of 2-3 hours. Start it off slow, greet guests with a mimosa and pastry welcome, so they can nibble and get a little tipsy or buzzed on coffee while the rest of the guests trickle in.

Simple Bar Set Up

Simple Bar Set Up

Linens: We are used to seeing breakfast as a casual affair (sometimes eaten in underwear), so any investment that you make in dressing it up will pay off in big fancy returns. I like to use crisp clean white linens that I have ironed and if you want to really jazz it up, add a dash of lavender spray.

White Linens  Photo Credit:

White Linens
Photo Credit: Jeremy Fokkens

Make it eclectic: In all its casualness a homemade Brunch is best served on an assortment of your most adored dinning wares. My Aunt is famous for her collection of mix-matched antique china. But more importantly she is famous for making an occasion to be able to use it. And it makes you feel like the most important person in the world when you go to brunch at her house and she tells you the history of the teacup you are drinking out of (some of which are such old china that they have staples in them). Don’t wait for a major event to set out your version of fine china, brunch is deserving of it too.


Mix Match China

Eclectic Table Setting

Flowers are as vital to brunch as hollandaise is to eggs benedict. A simple arrangement of flowers will take all of your efforts around the simple preparations of food and make it all look like high tea with the queen (or queens depending on who you invite).


Breaking Bread with Florals-  Photo Credit: Phil Crozier

And a sweater vest. I’m just kidding about this one (kind of). Wishing you all a Happy Easter!