HUSTLE in support of Mealshare

HUSTLE in support of Mealshare

Did you see the fashion spectacle on Monday?  I was in New York this weekend and I could feel the energy of the Met Gala (more on this later).  The ferocious Beyonce, the always joyful Lupita, and “just out of the box” Sarah Jessica Parker, I REALLY could go on forever, but seeing this costume laden  red carpet  from the super hot to the smut (I am talking to you Ms. Upton), reminded me of an event happening this week in the city –  ISES Calgary’s HUSTLE!

HUSTLE Invite Logo

Hustle is where “Rock and roll meets blues. Leather meets chains.” I am always up for a themed event that is cutting edge.

We are a proud member of ISES (International Special Events Society) Calgary and this Thursday, May 8th, our chapter is spooling up for HUSTLE.  This  event is a major ISESCares initiative that supports Mealshare, “ a new social enterprise that allows restaurant go-ers to engage in a “buy one, give one” philanthropic experience”



I am also thrilled that my friend Kat Mark’s will be at the event. With clients like Frank Ocean and Daphne Guinness, Kat is a fashion force that has been burning up the global fashion scene in the last couple of years. This girl makes Beyonce look tame. 20140507-073257.jpg

So it only makes sense that she will be bringing her Avant Garde leather work, debuting her Lethrbar at Hustle. (which we are really excited about)




Hustle to get your tickets here!  Be sure to wear your Rock and Roll Chic, so less 2014 Sarah Jessica Parker, and more 2013.