Live Boom Reactions: Academy Awards Red Carpet 2017

Live Boom Reactions: Academy Awards Red Carpet 2017

4:33 pm MT
The carpet is down, showtime is nearly here, and the boom team is nestled together with an unhealthy supply of popcorn and twizzlers for the Academy Awards. If you know our President, Derek Macdonald, you know that today is his Christmas. We’ll keep you posted on the success of his predictions – but we can tell you right now he’s like rainman of Oscar season.  So gather your fellow movie buffs and red carpet watchers and join us!

5:00 pm MT

A few things we’re noticing on the red carpet:

  1. ACLU ribbons: Many of the stars are wearing blue ribbons in support of the American Civil Liberties Union’s “Stand With ACLU” initiative.
  2. Bedazzling is dead: Could it be the La La Land influence?
  3. Bobs: No need to cut your hair – a nip and a tuck and you can rock a fake bob.

5:40 pm MT

All agreed: Janelle Monae has been our favourite voice on the red carpet tonight. These ladies have made early statements…

5:54 pm MT

If you’ll allow us to geek out on production for a moment…
ABC’s screen is appropriately showing film posters behind the stars they’re interviewing, but the images are pixelated behind them. Missed opportunity! These are problems you can solve before the show goes on – the editors playing fast and loose with calling shots and sad Ryan Seacrest… you deal with live.

6:57 pm MT

Our Trump mention drinking game is already getting us in trouble.

Nice to start the show with some energy – thank you JT. Production note: that white lav mic on Jimmy Kimmel.

So far Derek is 1/1… but wish us luck!