Perfecting Imperfection

Being a perfectionist is sometimes hard to accept, especially when you don’t know that you are one!

Recently when I sat down with Avenue Magazine to do their Style Q & A article, I was confronted with the fact that I am incredibly particular. Lets face it, an event planner being a perfectionist is almost a requirement, but apparently my perfectionism bleeds over into my own personal style.

Sometimes being labeled as a perfectionist can translate into being a diva.  And believe me, I have worked with my share of perfectionists. Usually these are people  are at the top of their field and have a clear vision of exactly what they want as an end result. So I have come to appreciate the diva quality as something that can produce great results. (*tangent: the rock band who famously demanded only one colour of M&M’s  hid that requirement in the complicated electrical section as a way to make sure each venue had adhered to their strict safety protocol to protect their roadies. i.e. No M&Ms in the green room meant their safety requirements had not been met,  true story)  I have to divulge, there was no diva moment for me, I like all colours of M&M’s, but I am definitely hyper aware of details and this shoot was a fun opportunity to delve into nuance.

Now that all being said I would like to point out that I am big on personal development, and this experience left me with a clear opportunity to challenge my perfectionist nature by putting  it all out there. I would like to take advantage of this added benefit and share with you some of the behind the scenes (less than perfect) shots.

To see the professional photos and read the full article click here.

P.S A special thank you to Phil Crozier , his talent as a photographer is perfection.

Photo 2-24-2014, 7 24 49 PM

Photo 2-24-2014, 7 29 13 PM