Alison Dumenko (formerly Alison Ranneli) and Mike Dumenko are a couple that Boom has had the pleasure of knowing for years. Alison is an event producer, and frequently supports the Boom team with various projects as an expert coordinator, and Mike is a local entrepreneur. When the couple came to us it was with great honour that we agreed to help them produce their dream wedding in Canmore.

Alison wanted a wedding with sparkle, shine, and shimmer. Mike wanted a wedding filled with woodsy texture and natural elements. We worked with the couple to come up with a design that would bring both of these visions to life, without sacrificing one for the other. The venue, the Silvertip Resort, was filled with soaring wooden beams and featured stunning views of the Rocky Mountains, which met Mike’s needs. For Alison, we created a decor plan filled with sparkling, textured linens, white florals with mixed metal accoutrements, and centrepieces that dripped with crystals. These elements were tied together with a carefully selected colour scheme that brought out the warmth of the wood in the venue while highlighting the sparkle in the decor.

The wedding day was a perfect blend of these two individuals and their vision for their wedding. Their personalities shone through the design, each element complimenting the other- much like the couple being celebrated. The ceremony was filled with warmth, love, and laughter, and afterwards guests had some time to enjoy Silvertip’s pristine mountain views as they enjoyed cocktails before dinner. After a sumptuous dinner by Silvertip’s in-house chefs, guests were ushered onto the green for a surprise group photo. As they gathered beneath the stars, the small valley was suddenly filled with the sound of Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do” and fireworks shot into the sky. Guests gasped and cheered as the evening sky was lit with shining explosions of red, gold, and green, and Alison and Mike’s wedding concluded with all the sparkle, shine, and shimmer one could possibly hope for.

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