An event is more than just a moment in time. The experience begins before your guests walk into the room and lasts long after they leave their seat.

Why are impactful events so important? We believe that bringing people together and uniting them in a meaningful experience is the most influential and persuasive force for growth and change.

Every experience your audience has with your brand creates a ripple effect – influencing what they believe about your company and what you stand for. What does it look like when we do it well? We take our audience on a journey. We immerse them into the story that we are telling. And we leave a lasting impact that imprints your brand into the minds of your audience.

We are a team of creative strategists and event producers.

We exist to provide a new lens in which you see your events and to help you visualize the possibilities for your organization to make a big impact and build deep influence. In everything we do, we drive towards building the influence of brands who value, unite, and connect people.

How do we successfully do that?

  • Building influence before status
  • Creating impact, not throwing parties
  • Connecting people with purpose
  • Bringing your vision to life, together
  • Delivering flash, but not fluff, and wow-moments that really connect

We are invested in helping brands like yours, who value, unite, and connect people.

You care about people and so do we. Let’s build your influence together so that we can magnify our collective impact.

That’s the big vision, now let’s bring it down to earth.

You probably have questions about whether or not we can handle complex logistics, budgets, contingency planning, etc… and the answer is YES! We do all of that. And the value that we bring to you is this:

  • No longer need to worry about every detail, we’ll handle it
  • Can focus more on vision planning and the long-term impact of events
  • Have events that feel personal and uniquely customized to your brand and guests
  • Rest easy knowing that all of your marketing initiatives are working together in perfect synchronicity
  • Have a partner by your side, on their team, through it all!

Wondering if Boom is the right fit with your team?

The best way to find out is to meet us! You’ll know right away. Contact us now to set up the first meeting.