We are a team of creative strategists and event producers.

The creativity of these awesome people packs a powerful punch, and their rock-solid coordination and follow though is what gets the job done. We’re not the onstage “taking the spotlight” kind of event producers. We are behind the scenes, backstage hustlers. We’re going to be working closely together, so get to know us!

Derek MacDonald


Areas of Focus: Strategic development, creative direction, account management

After spending more than a decade in the world of event production, Derek started Boom Goes the Drum out of his passion to create experiences that engage and bring people together in a way that connects them to a message. A self-proclaimed movie buff, Derek is a sucker for a great narrative (and a little dramatic flair) and relentlessly works to create live events that tell a compelling story for his clients, resulting in his features on Global, CityTV, and CTV. Looking to score an invite to his annual Oscar-viewing party? Puppies, contemporary art, and a great travel story are all sure-fire ways to his heart.

Sommer Smith

Business Manager

Areas of Focus: Sales, marketing, business development

Sommer has over a decade of client services experience in sales and marketing in the event industry. Sommer is a strong believer in what’s old is new, and surrounds herself with all things vintage – she even lives on her 100 year old family farmstead. Our resident pop culture expert loves true crime podcasts, playing in the mud (some people call it “gardening”), and hosting her friends and family.

Alison Dumenko

Director of Operations

Areas of Focus: Organizational process and procedure, production management, operations

Alison has mastered her project management skills producing a resume of diverse, award-winning events made possible by her knack for organization (there’s no junk drawer in her house). When she isn’t creating checklists and crafting policy, you’ll find her hanging with her family next to a campfire. You’ll know it’s her by her signature sparkle accessory… or by the glass of wine in hand.


Chief Barketing Officer

Areas of Focus: Fur distribution, head scratch negotiations, and nap maximization

Kilo takes his job as CBO seriously. From security sniffs at the door to food inspections, he takes pride in ensuring the team is safe from any harm a visitor or pepperoni stick may do. When he’s not in the office, Kilo enjoys chasing delivery trucks (his parents call it a “walk”), and curating his artisanal collection of buried bones.

What We
Resonate With

A funny joke
A perfectly steeped cup of tea
Connecting people to their passion
When a plan comes together
Poppin’ (wine) bottles
Planning our next trip
Fleetwood Mac
Buying vintage treasures

What We Don’t
Resonate With

Bad endings
A punny joke
Missed connections
Winging it
Bottled up creativity
Checked baggage. Carry-on or bust.
Band break-ups. We’re lifers.
Knock-offs. It’s all about authentic finds.



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