Meet the Client

Travel Alberta and Tourism Calgary are responsible for the development of the tourism sector within Calgary and Alberta at large.

Objective of the Event

To showcase Calgary to hundreds of writers and influencers and elevate the perception of Calgary’s music, arts, culture, and culinary scene.

The Event:

GoMedia – Calgary’s Mixtape


October 1, 2018


Travel Alberta and Tourism Calgary

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Hit Play

On October 1, 2018, 350 international media and influencers entered the historic Simmons Building to Calgary’s MixTape – A mix of the best eats, sights, and sounds.  The concept was focused on the vibrancy, modern and artisanal attributes of Calgary and to transform pre-conceived perceptions of Calgary and Alberta.

The concept embraced the design of the Simmons Buildings and its vendors.  The guest engagement activities included learning how to make a roll from Sidewalk Citizen, learning about the perfect coffee pour from Phil & Sebastian, marking your hometown on the world map, and getting your custom portrait done by local artist, Bad Portraits.

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The Playlist

Guest dined on small bite menus from Char Bar, Sidewalk Citizen, Ollia Macaroons, Fiasco Gelato, Yellow Door Bistro, and Bridgette Bar.  The live entertainment included live graffiti painting by Toner as guests arrive to the venue and live Contemporary painting by Kelli Hampton. As guest enjoyed the activities and delicious local cuisine there was a staked musical set from DJ Rice and Burnis Stubbs, Bebe Buckskin, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, and The High Kicks.


Media guests were blown away by our reimagination of “cow-town.” Smiling, delighted faces were seen around every corner as they encountered first-hand the chefs, artists, and musicians who make Calgary a world-class destination of choice. Coverage of the event was overwhelmingly positive and the client was thrilled with how we were able to experientially portray the heart of this one-of-a-kind city.