Meet the Client

Travel Alberta and Tourism Calgary are responsible for the development of the tourism sector within Calgary and Alberta at large.

Objective of the Event

To take 1,700 international tourism industry leaders on a spectacular journey through the Great White North- with a touch of classic Albertan Western Hospitality.

The Event:

Rendezvous Canada: All the Stars


May 11, 2017


Travel Alberta and Tourism Calgary

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Oh, Canada

Rendezvous Canada (RVC) is Canada’s premier international tourism marketplace, connecting international buyers with Canadian sellers of tourism products. The event, held annually in a different Canadian city, reunites some 1,700 international tourism industry leaders for a series of speed-dating-style appointments. International buyers seek the best-matched Canadian tourism sellers. The end result: travellers get to choose from the best selection of Canadian experiences.

In 2017, Calgary, AB was the host for RVC, and our production team produced the conference’s showcase event, where all delegates descended on the newly constructed National Music Centre (NMC) to see a spectacular showcase of Calgary. “A Calgary of festivals, living history, day life, night life and all out fascination and fun”…this is the Alberta that was represented at the National Music Centre on May 11, 2017.

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(Not so) Little Party on the Prairie

The fast-paced, three-hour event revolved around Calgary’s “stars”- five-star cuisine, musical and cultural stars, and the internationally-renown beauty of our Northern starry skies. From there, we decided to draw parallels from the Albertan landscape that would act as guides that would propel guests through the building (and event), with each ascending floor matching the ascending levels of our countryside: prairies, then the city, the forest, the mountains, the skyline, and (rather existentially) the “cloud”. Each of these floors featured food, music, activations, and décor that were inspired by their natural namesakes; The Prairie was littered with sheaves of gorgeous ornamental grass and featured menu items like goose consommé and bison meatballs, while The City hosted a collection of popular microbreweries and featured a small stage where local cult-favourite bands performed well into the night.

Our team used strategic event design, a meticulously organized entertainment plan, and intuitive on-site signage and decor to successfully communicate the event narrative to an international audience.


1,700 guests. 18 restaurants and breweries. 17 bands and performers. 26 event staff. 32 volunteers. 420 hours on site. 3 hours in show. 1 unforgettable night.