SocialWest and the Hashtag Awards

Meet the Client

Mike Morrison is one of Canada’s top bloggers, and the owner and founder of Mike’s Bloggity Blog, SocialWest, and Next Big Thing.

Objective of the Event

Assist social star Mike Morrison in creating the largest social media and digital marketing conference in Western Canada over three days in legendary Calgary cinemas.

The Event:

SocialWest and the Hashtag Awards


2016, 2017, 2018, 2019


Mike Morrison

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Let’s get social

Thousands of influencers, digital marketers, and social media moguls have graced this conference over the years, and keynotes have included speakers from Facebook, Twitter, AirBnB, and more. The event has featured a fabulous mix of community partners to provide snacks and treats throughout the day, as well as an A-list roster of instructors to keep brains moving. A unique “ask anything” style pop-up was found in the TD Listens Lounge, where guests could hang out and make requests of the sponsor, including everything from extra snacks to an adoptable kitten to snuggle (who was adopted at the event!). The event was a value-driven experience for guests, focusing on instruction and takeaways instead of attracting attention with shiny bells and whistles; low-key, personal, and authentic.

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What’s the ROI?

SocialWest and the Hashtag Awards sell out every year well in advance, and garner a lengthy waiting list. More importantly, perhaps, they have also achieved something pretty special: they’ve made ‘The Conference’ cool again. When one thinks of ‘traditional’ social media masters and digital masterminds, one conjures images of geeky, anti-social computer nerds. In fact, the ecosystem of social media marketing is made up of enthusiastic, engaging, and energizing individuals eager to connect, learn, and expand their networks. Can you imagine a better environment and atmosphere for growth? Take it from us, it was a fabulous way to learn and meet new people.


Now set to enter its fifth year, SocialWest and the Hashtag Awards continue to draw digital marketers and social media moguls from across the country, and provide some of the best value (and most fun) out of any conference out there.