Meet the Client

Beakerhead is a smash up of art, science, and engineering for all ages that takes place annually across Calgary.

Objective of the Event

To feed 600 people on a Ferris Wheel in a field over three nights. Bonus challenge: pull it off during one of the biggest snowstorms of the year.

The Event:

The Periodic Table


January 13, 2015



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Look up. Waaay up.

The biggest highlight working with Beakerhead was to come up with a totally wacky idea and make it worth the price of admission for our guests. When we first talked about the Ferris Wheel idea with the Beakerhead team it was clear that we needed to bring in a dynamite Chef to make this dining experience one to remember, and not just for the views 40 feet up of the city skyline. So we contacted our good friend rock star, Chef Nicole Gomes, of Top Chef Canada fame. We knew that her out of the box menus and upscale style was just the ticket for this ride. With Nicole and her team on board, we took this concept from a dinner to a deliciously gastronomic spectacle complete with cocktail pairings and otherworldly hosts.

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Welcome aboard!

Guests who arrived were greeted with spiked hot apple cider and hot chocolate and enjoyed the musical musings of local Calgary rising star, Jocelyn Alice. After a cocktail (or two!) guests climbed aboard the whimsical Ferris Wheel, got tucked in with a cozy blanket, were handed their meal and then were off, circling high above the grounds, looking out at the twinkling downtown city lights. Pure magic.


This event won numerous logistical achievement awards and was seen as a huge success by the client, who was concerned about the implications of a massive snowstorm. Thanks to some quick thinking on the part of our production team (and some incredible vendors and partners), we were able to execute the event without any impact on guest experience.