Driven by Vision: How to Elevate Any Brand’s Story

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When beginning a project it’s easy to feel like you’re doggy paddling in an ocean of logistics, feebly attempting to catch a glimpse of a lighthouse to guide you to shore. Most projects have massive lists of necessary to do’s, but without a clearly defined vision, tackling them effectively can be a struggle. Ultimately, this is a struggle between the “how” and the “why” of your project, which prompts the question: how do you bring purpose to your campaigns and build focus amongst your clients and partners (while still getting stuff done)?

Boom was asked to tackle this question in a recent piece for Moments Magazine. It hardly took any brainstorming at all to arrive at how we wanted to communicate this; for the last few years Boom has been using an approach called The Nesting Principles to help brands elevate their campaigns from the “what” to the “why”.

The five Nesting Principals are a strategic approach to creating purposeful plans, and are an incredibly useful tool for event and communication professionals who are trying to create campaigns that are driven by vision rather than tactics. The principles are meant to be approached like your grandmother’s old nesting doll set: Tactics, the smallest “doll”, nests inside Strategies, which nests inside Objectives, which nests inside Goals, which, ultimately, nests inside Vision. The idea is that your biggest principal, Vision, holds all of the other principles together, and should be the biggest priority for your team. Noteworthy is the fact that tactics, while perhaps the biggest time consumer, is actually the smallest principle in this approach, and is nested inside and driven by all of the other principles- not the other way around.

When you look at the principles as a path to success, you see the importance of having a clear vision in mind. Events that let the “why” drive the “how” have clearer direction, more creative inspiration, and simplified execution; after all, a team that is connected to their event’s vision can make tactical decisions quicker and easier because they have a common destination in mind.

As event and communication professionals, we’re excellent executors; part of why clients hire us is because they know we are tactical machines who’ll lace up and get the job done. But when we’re given the opportunity to take a step back from the path we’re on and clarify why we’re heading where we’re heading, we have an opportunity to transform a great campaign into an impactful experience.

Enjoy our free Nesting Principles infographic below!

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