#EventInReview: Starfleet Launch for Telus Spark!

Beam me up, Scotty

To decline the opportunity to produce a one-night Trek celebration of galactic proportions with Telus Spark! would be…well… illogical. On February 3, 2017, Telus Spark! welcomed over 700 Trekkies into the building to launch the Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Experience exhibit (February 4 – June 4, 2017). Boom was honoured to affix our communicators to our lapels and produce this event; here is why: we live for ‘experience’ – dreaming it, creating it, living it. No one understands experience like Telus Spark! and no one appreciates experience more than true fans. We met some truly incredible fans this weekend, and had a blast with Telus Spark! on this project.

Our goal for this event was to provide a one-night-only, memorable experience for the fans. That started with inviting some stars of the Trek universe to be our special guests: Jonathan Frakes, Levar Burton, and Garrett Wang beamed in to regale attendees with stories from the set and insight into the remarkable cultural legacy Star Trek has had. These very special guests got to start their night by touring the exhibit for the first time and talk to local media and camera crews about their first impressions – let’s just say they were impressed. Check out this Global Calgary article to see the gents in fine form…

Both VIP’s and general attendees got a chance to meet the guys at photo op sessions snapped by the incredible team at Epic Photo Ops. Thanks to Epic, those memories were captured and printed within seconds, allowing VIP guests the opportunity to have their photos signed during the VIP reception.

Guests were treated to out of this world, delicious food from CHARBAR throughout the event (you NEED to experience a Klingon Taco with Enterprise Chips), signature cocktails (of Romulan origins, obviously), and special Star Trek brews.

Following a riotous audience Q&A in which Frakes jumped off the stage within minutes to mingle through the crowd with a microphone for questions (and to melt a few hearts), the crowd got their first peek of the exhibit and enjoyed an audio/visual dance party by the incomparable artist longwalkshortdock.

We have to thank the teams at FMAV and One West for the work on this event, and of course send all our admiration and appreciation to Telus Spark! for inviting is to collaborate on such an extraordinary project. The Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Experience exhibit is on until June 4 – GO! If you’ve ever watched Star Trek or science fiction, this exhibit is made for you. Our team was 50/50 fans and newbies and all of us walked away from the exhibit with stars in our eyes and b-lining for the gift shop.

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