Event in Review: Myntex Grand Opening

Event in Review: Myntex Grand Opening

Toto, we’re not in Google offices anymore- but you could’ve fooled us.

Myntex may be serious about communications security, but their office is pure start-up fun, and the Boom team loved helping them reveal it to their friends and family!

Having launched and achieved stunning success in just a few years, the owners of Myntex rather quickly found themselves needing an office space, though they were reluctant to give into the corporate culture that they saw in many downtown offices. Intro a neon orange slide, traversing the two stories of the building, pin ball machines, an air hockey table, and bunk beds- three for tired office works, and two for tired office pets.

While working on creating the plan for the Myntex office Grand Opening it was impossible not to be inspired by the fun and vibrancy of this company and their space. As a young organization brand integration was a focus for our production team, and the Myntex brand found its way into creative corners of our design; cocktail tables spandexed in Myntex colours, swag bags with dog treats (as per their offices pup-friendly policy), and technologically inspired florals by Designing on the Edge, which officially hold the title as ‘coolest florals of 2016’. To top it all off, Chef Nicole and the Nicole Gourmet team concocted a variety of palate pleasing canapés,  with – of course- her famous fried chicken and corn fritters keeping the later party goers fuelled for the remainder of the evening.












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The Boom team would like to wish a heartfelt congratulations to Myntex and the best of luck as they keep growing, and that slide gets to cross another story!