Event Production

Make It A Moment

Your organization produces purposeful events and you have a sincere desire to make an impact. Whether it’s the launch of a new product or a holiday celebration for the whole organization, you know that every moment is a chance to make an impression. You can’t sleep unless you know you’ve made every moment count in a meaningful way that your guests will remember.

Located in Calgary, Boom provides a full suite of event production services.

Types of events we love:

  • Corporate & Culture (appreciation events, corporate retreats, training, town halls, team building, etc.)
  • Conferences (public & ticketed, AGMs, association meetings, etc.)
  • Galas & Celebrations (awards programs, holiday gatherings, etc.)
  • Fundraisers & Not for Profit Events
  • Media & Public Events
  • Brand & Marketing Events (activations, launches and unveilings, program announcements, speaker events, etc.)

Perhaps you:

  • Have the great idea and need a team to help you run with it
  • Are thinking “where do I start?” or “where do I go from here?”
  • Are in search of a fresh new perspective from an event expert that will knock the socks off of your team
  • Are looking for a professional partner who can support you in strategy, ideation, execution, and measurement

Event Production with Boom ensures your event makes a difference and meets objectives:

  • Discovery to understand your business plan, marketing strategy, and stakeholders
  • Strategy planning
  • Partnership and sponsorship management
  • Budget development and management
  • Guest experience design
  • Logistics and production planning
  • Risk assessment, mitigation, and contingency planning
  • Creative concept (design of theme, space, and décor)
  • Entertainment planning
  • Marketing and media management
  • Event execution and KPI measurement

Organizations that partner with Boom on Event Production:

  • Have events that feel personal and uniquely customized to their objectives, brand and guests
  • Have a partner to bounce ideas off of, one that always has a solution
  • Have higher confidence in the project’s budgeting and risk management
  • No longer need to worry or stress about every detail, we’ll handle it
  • Can focus more on vision planning, stakeholder relationship building, and the long-term impact of their events
  • Have the confidence that their events are reaching the maximum impact and building deep influence

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